Industry segments

Construction Machinery


From telescopic mobile crane booms, to excavator arms and bulldozer chassis, SuperMIG® can increase productivity in many heavy-welding scenarios.

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SuperMIG® has been utilized in the railcar industry for applications ranging from welding sheet metal side panels to welding longitudinal frame members. 

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One of the original target segments for SuperMIG®, the shipyard holds many applications that can benefit from the technology, including welding hull stiffeners and deck panels.

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While still a relatively new industry for SuperMIG®, the technology has show the ability to "vaporize" galvanized coatings, which allows for welding on clean/pre-heated material, thus decreasing the amount of porosity and substantially increasing travel speeds.

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Pressure Vessels


The joggle joints on the head, the longitudinal welds on the shell, and the circumferential welds joining them all together. SuperMIG® can increase productivity and reduce costs for virtually every weld in the fabrication of a pressure vessel.

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First used in North America to fabricate stainless steel pipe from flat plates for water treatment facilities, SuperMIG®'s power and versatility create opportunities to benefit many applications in the infrastructure segment from wind towers to fabricated bridge girders.

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