2.2 mm 60G/60G @ 60 ipm

Lap Joint/Fillet Weld Galvanized Welding

This weld was made using our hybrid plasma-GMAW process (SuperMIG®) in a lap joint/fillet weld configuration, in the 2F position, and at a travel speed of 60 in/min (1,524 mm/min). This scenario utilized 90/10 (Argon/CO2) shielding gas and 0.045” ER70S-3 solid wire in a pulsed-spray transfer. 

Where is this applicable?

In the automotive industry, particularly in welding of chassis frames, cross members and suspension parts, especially where higher welding speeds (>35 ipm) are desired. SuperMIG® is capable of speeds of 60 to 80 ipm in galvanized steel grades 60G and 90G.

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