1/2" to 1/2" (5/16" fillet weld) @ 18 ipm

5/16” Fillet Weld (1/2” A36 Plate)

This fillet weld was made using our hybrid plasma-GMAW process (SuperMIG®) in a T-joint/fillet weld configuration, in the 1F position, and at a travel speed of 18 in/min (457 mm/min). This scenario utilized 90/10 (Argon/CO2) shielding gas and 0.052” E70C-6M H4 metal-cored wire in a pulsed-spray transfer. As you can see, SuperMIG® can provide significant penetration increases compared to conventional GMAW. This increased penetration allows SuperMIG® to create a weld of equal strength, while reducing the necessary fillet weld/leg size, which then reduces the cost to make the weld. Also, this increased penetration profile, which is a characteristic inherent to SuperMIG®, opens the door to the possibility of performing an engineering review of current weldments, and possibly re-designing current weld joints to further explore cost savings. 

Where is this applicable?

Fillet welds are very common in many different applications: from machinery construction and shipbuilding, to infrastructure elements and even flanges of pressure vessels. Code permitting, te process's increased penetration allows for smaller welds while maintaining mechanical properties.

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