SuperMIG® equipment

WCM (Welding Control Module)


The "heart" of the system, incorporates the system controller, plasma power source, plasma/shielding gas control flowmeters, water cooler, and user interface (any GMAW system provided by customer can be integrated to the WCM).


HD Torch (Heavy Duty)


With excellent shielding gas coverage, the HD is ideal for single-pass CJP square-groove welds up to 15mm.
Plasma Capacity: 360A

GMAW Capacity: 600A

HD Slim Torch (Fillet Weld)


With same characteristics as the HD, the HD Slim is ideal for fillet welded joints or when joint design would interfere with larger shielding gas nozzle of the HD model. 

Plasma Capacity: 360A

GMAW Capacity: 600A

MD Torch (Medium Duty)


Ideal for lighter applications.  While still having the ability to create single-pass CJP square-groove welds up to 8mm, as well as fillet welded lap joints, the MD's plasma arc is capable of “vaporizing” coatings/oxides layers prior to the GMAW arc allowing for significantly higher travel speeds in the welding of galvanized steel.

Plasma Capacity: 200A

GMAW Capacity: 350A

HD Torch Cleaning Station


*Coming Soon*

Cleaning station for HD Torch, designed for robotic applications.

NG Torch (Narrow Gap)


*Coming Soon*

New development for narrow gap joints in materials up to 100mm, with an included bevel angle of 20 degrees.