7 mm to 5 mm HSLA @ 25 ipm

Single-Pass CJP Square-Groove/Butt Joint with Copper Backing

This single-pass CJP weld was made using our hybrid plasma-GMAW process (SuperMIG®) in a square-groove/butt joint configuration (zero beveling) in the 1G position, with a root opening of 0.052”, and at a travel speed of 25 in/min (635 mm/min). This scenario utilized 95/5 (Argon/CO2) shielding gas and 0.052” ER70S-6 wire in a spray transfer (CV) using copper backing. 

Where is this applicable?

This is a typical joint that can be utilized in the manufacturing of cranes (when using the C channel design), as well as excavators and loaders arms.

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