Case study – 0.5” (12.7mm) carbon steel

0.5’’ (12.7mm) steel (EH36) butt welding with SuperMIG®

Comparison with conventional GMAW


Table 1- Welding results comparison

Macrostructural Appearance – Plasma/GMAW and GMAW


Weld EH36 -LIN119 – Machined plate edges, as rolled mill scale on root and face sides


Welding Effects on the Heat Affected Zone

Hybrid Weld LIN153



  • The HAZ microstructure was very gradual from coarse at the weld side to very fine towards the base plate,
  • Remaining rolling direction bands still visible in the HAZ – Heat Affected Zone,
  • No defects such as porosity or discontinuities were observed.

GMAW Only – Weld LIN1158


  • The HAZ microstructure is finer and slightly shorter than that of the hybrid weldment,
  • The weld did not show the appearance of defects such as, porosity or discontinuities.


Tensile Properties


Table 2 – Tensile properties summary



Hybrid Plasma and GMAW welding of 0.5” (12.7mm) thick EH36 plate offers the advantage of producing superior welds; lower preparation angle, one pass weld (double throughput) with tensile strengths compared to conventional GMAW process.